ok I’m gonna just wait to decide their ages because people are hurting my feelings and making me frustrated and I’m gonna think it over a bit„

Hello yes guys I really appreciate if you didn’t send me asks regarding their ages anymore since ya know. It makes me feel bad about myself half the time and its not that hard just to not say anything thank


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i edited some of my ugly vent sketches and made these instead

hello yes this is mod 

if you are uncomfortable with the age gap I would recommend you unfollow this blog instead of trying to convince me to change it because it makes me feel really bad with myself please and thank you!



Gomen for the lazy half butted comic but i just needed something to post so i could ramble more bout the au. 

I feel like Dirk would be kinda quieter after he moves in with jake and not really wanna talk to him a lot even though jake tries really hard to connect with him he’s just kinda nah

(I’m just gonna say they live in jade’s kinda house instead of the ruins that jake lived in of it) so dirk kinda just likes to sit and look out the window in the little garden room and water the flowers and sit alone?? yeah. yeah.

idk what else to say this was dumb.